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Locks might just be the most underrated accessory in our homes. A simple lock has such an important task of keeping unwanted people away from places and things which don’t belong to them. This why a lock in perfect working condition is very important for not just your safety but also for the safety of your precious belongings. Broken locks and cracks on locks can make them vulnerable from being broken easily using just a simple hammer strike as well. It can be really dangerous and ultimately costly for leaving your house unprotected for even a couple of hours. We are a bunch of professional locksmiths in Mclean VA who are expert in working with locks and can easily repair your broken or damaged locks as well as keys. Our locksmiths in Mclean have years of experience working with locks in the Mclean area and are familiar with the building regulations that needs to be followed to install lock and security systems in your homes and offices.

Whether you need a lock fixed, a key made or advice on home security, you can count on Mclean Locksmith Store. We are a group of some of the best locksmiths in Mclean and its surrounding areas are completely dedicated towards serving our customers till our full potential. Call 703-640-3554 and you’ll see why we are so famous around here.

Who We Are?

We are a company which mainly comprises of locksmiths local to the Mclean area who are not only extremely professional and an expert in whatever they do but are also soft spoken and great conversationalists. We are familiar with every kind of lock and key present in the market be it metallic or digital and can work our charm on any lock to repair it or make it more secure. We can work on not just the simple ones which we’ve been using since time immemorial but also the more technologically advanced modern locks which uses features such as fingerprint and retinal scanner to open the lock. We provide premium locksmith services in and around the whole Mclean area at a very affordable rate and are available 24/7 to help anyone in need or facing a lock related issue.

Why Mclean Locksmith Store

Everyone can repair the normal lock in a jiffy but not everyone has the capability to repair every kind of locks as expertly as we do. We are just a call away and will reach your location, anywhere in the state of Virginia at any time of the day.

Round-The-Clock Availability: We have a whole team of dedicated locksmiths who will be at your beck and call at every hour of every day whenever you are facing a lock related issue. Just call on our helpline at 703-640-3554 and an experienced executive will pick up the phone. You can explain your issue to the executive and they will assign a suitable locksmith. We never take a break on any holidays and work throughout the day, 24/7.

Pocket-Friendly Prices: We understand that you might not have some money kept aside just for the time when you get locked out of your car. That is why, as being one of the best locksmiths in Mclean VA, we charge nominal prices from our customers. Unlike most other locksmiths, we don’t charge extra or add surprise charges for serving you at night or at odd times.

Unmatched Speed: Speed is everything in a locksmith’s work. If you have lost your house key and are trapped outside your home, then you can’t wait two days to get the work done. You need quick service which allows you to get in your home without having to wait for long. Mclean Locksmith Store is quite famous around the Mclean area for its quick service.

Top-Grade Tools: You can’t do any manual work if you don’t have the right kind of tools. Our locksmiths are equipped with state-of-the-art tools which reduces the effort one needs to apply and makes the task really simple. This is how we provide excellent service every time to all of our customers.

Our Services:

At Mclean Locksmith Store we are working relentlessly towards making our customers lives easier. Emergencies related to locks can arise anytime and it becomes really frustrating if you need to call different experts for different kinds of locks. We have locksmiths who are adept in providing a range of solutions thereby making us the one stop place for every lock and key related issue.

  • Emergency Locksmith Services

Emergencies can arrive at any time and at any place. Panicking in tough situations only makes the situation worse. Keeping a cool head will benefit you a lot in these times and you should have trust on experts instead of taking matters into your own hands. The best thing you can do is to prepare yourself for those times and to save our 703-640-3554 in your contact list. We deliver 24/7 emergency locksmith service and strive to provide prompt service. We act fast; and reach your place even faster. You’ll find as at the scene within 20 to 30 minutes of you placing the call. We unlock locks, make new keys, assist with lockouts and much more.

  • Residential Locksmith Services

We have a network of locksmiths in Mclean VA who work day in and day out to make sure that you feel safe and secure at your house. Although normal padlocks are quite effective, they can work only to a certain extent. If you have precious things or belongings at your home which you want to protect at any cost, then we can provide you with some upgrades in security. We can repair your broken locks, can upgrade the existing security system, rekey locks, install combination locks, provide eviction services, setup master key system and more. We can even make a duplicate of your key in front of you so that you don’t have to come to our shop in order to get inside your own home.

  • Commercial Locksmith Services

Just like our homes, our offices need to have secure entry and exit systems. It is very important for the growth and working of a company to prevent people who are not supposed to be there from entering in your premises. We can install bio-metric fingerprint readers to make sure that only the people employed by you and those having the access can enter your office. Apart from this, we provide other services like installing panic bars for evacuation, rekeying of locks, keyless access, and high security locks. There are some building regulations in Mclean which you need to follow in order to set up a lock and security system. Thankfully our locksmiths are familiar with these regulations so that you don’t have to worry. Not just for your office, our services work great for restaurants, schools, shops financial institutions and other places as well.

  • Automotive Locksmith Services

Getting locked out of your car, or worse, inside your car can be a terrifying experience for anyone. No one should go through such ordeal and if you find yourself facing such kind of issue then don’t panic and trust Mclean Locksmith Store to come and rescue you like the knight in locksmith armor. We are some of the best locksmiths in Mclean area and will be at your location wherever you are trapped to solve your issue. The locksmiths will very quickly open locked doors and windows as well as trunks of your car. Apart from this, we can even help you at times when your key is stuck in the ignition or is completely broken in half, we can make new transponder keys, replace ignition switch and more.

Are you looking for a reliable, affordable and quick locksmith in Mclean VA? You’ve found it! Cal Mclean Locksmith Store on 703-640-3554 today!

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